Our Origin & Heritage

The Baxter Brenton Corporation is built on family values. Dr. Donn Pjongluck founded this company after a lifetime of being surrounded by entrepreneurs on both sides of his family. 

It all started when a Chinese migrant from Chao Yang settled in Thailand. Dr. Pjongluck’s great-great-grandfather arrived with nothing, but through determination and hard work he managed to start his own general merchandise store in old Bangkok. The business passed down the generations, and expanded into new areas of business such as insurance and international money transfers. 

Business expertise isn’t limited to Dr. Pjongluck’s father – his mother also inherited a trading business located in Surin province. Making a bold choice, Dr. Pjongluck’s parents decided to branch out and start their own company, entering the garment and textile industry. Soon they were exporting their goods to top brands in Europe and America. Dr. Pjongluck became involved in this business, learning as much as he could and helping the business grow.

Dr. Pjongluck took the skills he learned and applied them to his own businesses of his personal passion and interests. A century of businesses that focus on customer service, merchandising, trading, and quality products has produced a man capable of running his own corporation without losing the values he learned from his ancestors. The Baxter Brenton Conglomerate invites you to explore our brand, and see for yourself the core values of the Pjongluck family.