Our Core Values


Core Values

  • Adding value to everything we create
  • Preserving cultural and heritage features
  • Making a positive contribution to society
  • Having all aspects of our business function in a socially responsible manner
  • Using sustainable resources whenever possible, including using recycled packaging
  • Applying creative solutions to problems

Areas of operate:

  • Lifestyle Products – this involves sourcing and distribution locally, regionally, and globally, as well as retail sales in both a physical location and online
  • Education – we provide training and development
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Property – we focus on development as well as leasing
  • Hospitality industry – Food and Beverage outlets and retail as well as wholesales, and Boutique accommodation provision


To become a responsible business that contributes to society, while preserving our rich heritage and moving towards functioning as a company that offers a range of products and services.


To add value as a business while developing and promoting our unique variety of products and services through branding, marketing, and effective supply chain management.


We achieve customer satisfaction through artistic and innovative continuous improvement on our business to fit the market. We encourage employee welfare through safety and occupational health ensuring high quality, efficiency and reliability. We aim to marry the profit side of our business with an integral culture, social responsibility and environmental awareness.